• Commercial Properties & Realtors

    We provide Pet Waste Removal Services to Counties, Dog Parks, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Residential Complexes, Events, Homeowners Associations, and Realtors. ​

  • Dog Waste Removal Services

    We are fully licensed and insured. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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    Realtors & Renters Service

    Have a yard on a property that needs cleanded? We can help.


    Have tenants? Prospective tenants with pets sometimes may set alarm bells ringing with owners. Generally, the owners’ main concern is the upkeep and maintenance of their yard. We can help with this too.


    You can incorporate our weekly service fee into the property’s rental price and Doody Free will invoice your Real Estate office monthly.



    Call our office to find out our wholesale pricing for this unique service & its suitability to your agency.

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    Commercial Property Managers

    You can provide clean grounds for your residents to enjoy and add dollars to your bottom line. –


    Here’s how:

    We propose a monthly charge for twice a week cleaning for $600.00. The Association institutes a fee of $10.00 per month for each dog. If there are 100 dogs living there, the association will make a profit of $400.00 per month! In addition to that, there will be:

    • Reduced complaints to Management about unattended dog waste
    • Happier Residents
    • Solving a real need with a GREEN service!

    Your residents will have clean grounds to enjoy. Dog owners get a terrific deal on waste removal. The Association has a strong new selling point by offering not only to accept people with dogs but actually clean up after them.