New Service - Yard Wash

Introducing Our Yard Wash Service: A Breath of Fresh Air (and Yard!)


While scooping poop is a must, it doesn't address the lingering problems:

Urine Stains & Odors: Urine can kill your grass, leaving unsightly brown patches. Worse, the smell lingers, making playtime unpleasant.

Hidden Hazards: Dog waste harbors harmful bacteria and parasites like ringworm, parvo, and giardia, posing a risk to your pets and family.


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We go beyond the poop bag with a comprehensive yard cleaning solution designed to:


Clean: We thoroughly clean your yard, removing all traces of pet waste and debris.

Deodorize: Say goodbye to lingering pet odors! Our eco-friendly solution leaves your yard smelling fresh and clean.

Sanitize: Our powerful yet gentle solution eliminates harmful pathogens and parasites, keeping your yard safe for everyone.


Safe for Your Lawn, Safe for Your Pets!

We prioritize safety. Our cleaning process is:

Eco-Friendly: We use a pet-safe formula that won't harm your grass, artificial grass or landscaping.

Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer: No noisy gas engines, just powerful cleaning delivered quietly and efficiently.

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